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American Food and American cuisine

American Food and American cuisine

We are still in the process of choose from the many different cuisines of America the appropriate dishes to present here. And of course we are not able to find them all and cook all the recipes ourself.
If you like to present yourself here in with your recipe video. You can just apply here sending us the name of your recipe, origin of the recipe, your link of the video, a list of ingredients with a short cooking instructions and your homepage URL for a backlink if you like.
The first recipes are entered into our Top 10 side from American food forever.
So hurry up and you will be in the Top 10 List of American cuisine.
We look forward of recipe suggestions from you.

[box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Caribbean Cuisine
Anguillan Cuisine, Antigua Cuisine, Aruban Cuisine,¬†Bahamian Cuisine, Barbadian Cuisine, Barbuda Cuisine, Cayman Islands Cuisine, Cuban Cuisine, Dominica Cuisine, Dominican Republic Cuisine, Grenadian Cuisine, Guyanese Cuisine, Haitian Cuisine, Jamaican Cuisine, Rican Cuisine, Saint Lucian Cuisine,¬†Tobago Cuisine, Trinidad Cuisine[/box][box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Central American Cuisine
Belizean cuisine,Costa Rican cuisine, Guatemalan cuisine, Honduran cuisine, Nicaraguan cuisine, Panamanian cuisine, Salvadoran cuisine,[/box][box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”]North American Cuisine
Acadian Cuisine, American Cuisine, Cajun Cuisine, Canadian Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine[/box][box type=”download” style=”rounded” border=”full”]South American Cuisine
Agentine Cuisine, Bolivian Cuisine, Brazillian Cuisine, Chilean Cuisine, Colombian Cuisine, Ecadorian Cuisine, Paraguayan Cuisine, Peruvian Cuisine, Uruguayan Cuisine, Venuzuelan Cuisine[/box]


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