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World Cuisine Cooking Channel, It’s so GOOD!

Welcome in the Cooking Universe Cooking Channel and to the Tastemade food network of a global community of food lovers. Subscribe for new videos of simple and interesting home cooking recipes of international home cooking. We like sharing our favorite family recipes, dishes and traditions with our kids and share cooking recipes around the world.

Enjoy Global cuisine of many cultures worldwide with cooking traditions and practices of many dishes with different origins.

Learning how to cook is a tradition passed down from grandparents to parents and grandchildren. These recipes and our special culinary experiences, we also would like to pass on to our children. And our recipes videos are a simple entertaining way to share our German and Filipino culture with our family, friends and with all foodies over the world.

On our YouTube Cooking Channel you will find mainly Filipino recipes and recipes of German cuisine. But we also love recipes from other cultures and have tried out also many recipes from the mediterranean cuisine and various other world cuisines. And sometimes it is also a kind of fusion cuisine with a combination of foods and preparation methods of various regions or cuisines.

We have just started with the Cooking Universe.TV food blog and we are now in the process of choose from the many different cuisines and cultures in the world the appropriate dishes. You will find very soon even more cooking recipes and international dishes. We would be pleased if you would subscribe to the YouTube Cooking Channel of Cooking Universe, so you do not miss new recipe videos in our Cooking channel.

Additional information such as lists of ingredients and detailed instructions you can find here on CookingUniverse.TV. You will find very soon even more cooking recipes and international dishes. We would be pleased if you would subscribe to us, so you do not miss anything.

Here is just a small excerpt of our recipes on our YouTube Channel in English and German:

The Cooking Channel of World Cuisine

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