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European Cuisine

We are still in the process of choose from the many different cuisines of Europe the appropriate dishes to present here. And of course we are not able to find them all and cook all the recipes ourself.
If you like to present yourself here in with your recipe video. You can just apply here sending us the name of your recipe, origin of the recipe, your link of the video, a list of ingredients with a short cooking instructions and your homepage URL for a backlink if you like.
The first recipes are entered into our Top 10 side from European food forever.
So hurry up and you will be in the Top 10 List of European cuisine.
We look forward of recipe suggestions from you.

Central European Cuisine
Austrian cuisine, Republic Czech cuisine, German cuisine, Hungarian cuisine, Polish cuisine, Slovak cuisine, Slovenian cuisine, Swiss cuisine
Eastern European Cuisine
Armenian cuisine, Azerbaijani cuisine, Belarusian cuisine, Georgian cuisine, Moldovan cuisine, Romanian cuisine, Russian cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine
Northern European Cuisine
Estonian cuisine,Latvian cuisine,Lithuanian cuisine,Irish cuisine,English cuisine,Welsh cuisine,Anglo-Indian cuisine,Danish cuisine,Faroese cuisine,Greenlandic cuisine,Finnish cuisine,Icelandic cuisine,Lappish cuisine,Norwegian cuisine,Swedish cuisine
Southern European Cuisine
Albanian cuisine, Bosnian cuisine, Croatian cuisine, Cypriot cuisine, Greek cuisine, Italian cuisine, Macedonian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, Montenegrin cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, Serbian cuisine,Spanish cuisine, Turkish cuisine
Western European Cuisine
Belgian cuisine,Belgian wine,Dutch cuisine,French cuisine,Luxembourgian cuisine


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